This function is only usable in onChannelUpdate and onChannelDelete. Examples can be found in the callback page.


  • id - The ID of the channel
  • name - The name of the channel
  • topic - The topic for this channel
  • position - The position of the channel
  • categoryID - The ID of the category this channel belongs to
  • guildID - The ID of the guild this channel belongs to
  • lastMessageID - The ID of the last message sent here (if any)
  • type - The type of this channel
  • nsfw - Whether the channel is nsfw or not
  • slowmode - The slowmode duration for this channel
  • rawPosition - The raw position for this channel
  • deleted - Whether the channel was deleted or not
  • viewable - Whether the channel was be seen by the client or not
  • manageable - Whether the client can or not manage this channel
  • deleteable - Whether this channel can be deleted by the client or not
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